Climbing partner Durban

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Climbing partner Durban

Post by ville » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:12 am

Hi everyone!

I'm coming from Finland and will be working in Durban until the 20th of March or so. I would just love to get some climbing or bouldering done, but I've absolutely no idea what is there to do around here. I'm quite flexible with my working hours, so I'm up for longer trips as well. I'll be doing at least one trip to Waterval Boven, 23-29th March, give or take a couple of days, but could do other shorter trips there too.

Back home I redpoint comfortably around 7a/24 and on a good day up to 7b/27. I'm experienced with both sport and trad, some 8 years of climbing behind me. Didn't bring any gear other than harness+ATC+shoes, though.

You can PM me but easier just writing to, or sms/whatsapp +358-504959455. Or maybe see you in Southern Rock some day!


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