Cape Town rock rally

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Cape Town rock rally

Post by Justin » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:29 pm

Anyone at the Rockrally last weekend? I haven't heard/seen any news, how was it :?:
Climb ZA - Administrator

Post by » Tue Dec 06, 2005 3:37 pm

I heard that the event was won by a couple of trannies & two old guys cheated their way to 2nd place. Other than that I haven't heard anything either.

Chris Bonnington

Post by Chris Bonnington » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:26 am

I heard that the two old guys were bloody awesome. Some say that their efforts have inspired millions of others to head back to the crags. I even heard rumours that if they they would have won the event had they ticked-off the grade 7 at Peers Cave (that one of them soloed up and down to retrieve a couple of draws).

Anyway, I'm off to Burbage to try young Ben's new boulder problem...

Sir Edmund Hillary

Post by Sir Edmund Hillary » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:29 am

Good point Chris

I heard that the two old guys did more routes than any of the younger climbers. I guess that this proves the saying \"Age and guile will overcome youth and exuberance\"!!

Well done chaps.


Post by Guest » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:45 am

Those 2 old guys went to peers cave, faulty towers, main crag, blaze of glory , lower silvermine, pump house and still did 15 routes. Guest I challenge you to do that in 7 hours otherwise do us all a favour just shut the f*&* up.

Post by » Wed Dec 07, 2005 9:59 am

These guys put in one of the best efforts I've seen in years and the got 2 bags of chalk and a petzl headlamp to share between them. David Davies rock up at 2pm climbed 4 routes and beat them into second place, how is this possible there craig bonus alone should have won it for them. Tony should post the score sheet.

wolfgang foolish

Post by wolfgang foolish » Wed Dec 07, 2005 10:57 am

If u slacklined in the \" fun event \" u would have stood a better
chance of getting prizes than entering the actual climbing comp.

Nice to see that catagories where made up on the day
to suit certain people.


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Post by ClimbZA » Wed Dec 07, 2005 4:06 pm

Anyone feel like writing a report to post in the news about last weekends Rock Rally? Please mail it to

if not...
How was the comp generally?
How many people where there?
Was it worth paying the entrance fee to climb at your local crag?
Would you enter the comp again?
Was it fun?
Anything else to add?

Post by » Wed Dec 07, 2005 5:30 pm

In response to guest's comment \"Guest I challenge you to do that in 7 hours otherwise do us all a favour just shut the f*&* up.\" I suggest you dry your eyes and just enjoy the comedic brilliance even if you don't quite understand it!

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Post by ropdoh » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:08 am

I don't see what everyone is making such a fuss about...
The rock rally was really good. I was not aware previously that one could climb so much whilest having cramp in both of your arms and both hands.

Unfortunately not that many people rocked up, which is a shame considering the amount of effort put in.

It was good value for money, and I'll be doing it again.

Prizes were great and well allocated:
So what if Dave Davies won (Veterans category I think), after only being around for half a day. If enough other people had entered there would have been more of a competition. Time for people to get off their asses and stop complaining.

From what I recall:

Handicapped Results:
1st Mattieu De Villiers & Gordon Forbes
2nd Guy Holwill & Evan Wierx
3rd Simon Larson & Partner

Difficulty Mens:
1st Clinton Martinengo
2nd Greg Streatfield

Most Routes:
Guy Holwill & Evan Wierx

Best Dressed:
Mattieu De Villiers & Gordon Forbes

1st Kirsty

Veterans Male:
1st Dave Davies

Can't remember the rest

[Gordon Forbes]


Post by Nani » Fri Dec 09, 2005 2:09 pm

The organizers have the prerogative to choose any set of competition rules they like. (If you want to do a cross country jogging competition, dont sign up for a street race.) Its up to the competitors to figure out a good strategy to maximize their scores (if they want to win a particular category). Obviously its not in your favour to climb at your limit with this handicap system because you only earn 10 points per grade. This rockrally largely tests 'all day fitness' rather than peak strength, which is a good alternative. Beginners are unlikely to do well because they are unfit even for the grade they climb. I for one dont like typical sport climbing comps that much because it adds too much pressure and is not a chilled atmosphere. The rock rally was rad and I dont care what the rules are because one should change ones strategy accordingly.

Post by » Fri Dec 09, 2005 3:50 pm

\"Beginners are unlikely to do well because they are unfit even for the grade they climb\" fair comment but bare in mind that the beginers
are the ones who typically get the numbers up to make the
comps happen. The organisers have to sell concept
of huge turnouts to get the sponsorship ,
Be a bit kinder to the moderate climbers , its not all
about the big guns.


Post by Guest » Sat Dec 10, 2005 8:28 pm

\"Beginners are unlikely to do well because they are unfit even for the grade they climb\". My experience from the Boven rally (which had an even more \"robust\" handicap system than the one used in the Cape) is exactly the opposite. The winners climbed around 60 routes each, at an average grade not far from or even higher than their handicaps. If you go to the rocknrope site and check on the detailed score sheet, you will find most of the better climbers on the second half of the list - not for lack of trying, but simply because it is impossible for them to climb around their handicap for 2 hours, let alone 2 days. Right near the bottom are a couple of guys who managed the highest average score - you shoud have seen how wacked they were at the end of the event!

G u y

Post by G u y » Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:31 am

Firstly, well done to the organisers for putting in the effort and laying on the entertainment for the rest of us. If I had my way, nobody would be allowed to enter and comp until they'd organised one. Do you have any idea how much it pisses you off when you've given up a million hours to organise something for other people - only to have them bitch and moan! OK, rant over.

I had a really good time at the Rock Rally. It was a great day and the fact that a couple of ageing boulderers came second indicates that you need strategy to compete.

The ONLY thing stopping beginners from winning was the desire to win (there is a chicken and egg sistuation, if you are competitive by nature then you are unlikely to climb at a beginner level). The score system certainly helped people climbing lower grades more than those climbing harder.

My only suggestion to the organisers is to provide the competitors with more info about how the scoring worked. I didn't find anyone who completely understood the score card.

Lastly, the real hero on the day was Gordon - who had to spend 7 hours belaying Nani in his red thong! Too much scrotum for me.

Dave D

Post by Dave D » Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:49 am

The tricky thing with organising comps, is that you need lots of people to come along pay the entrance fee and loose. That way the person who won, has a greater sence of achievment.

We also need to keep in mind that the Rock Rallie system is not a dificulty climbing comp. It is an endurance comp, that happens to use climbing in it. So as stated in the article, you end up doing lots of running. To find out who the best climber is, have a difficulty comp. (no running involved) Any volinteers to organise???


Post by MW » Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:20 pm

Wow - a red thong hey, I have mixed feelings now on having missed this rally! :?

I came down from Josi and stood in the rain with the crowd on the 5th Nov and was pretty mif about not getting to play too (though you Capetonians rock and I got an awesome weekend's climbing in anyway - thanks). I feel really bad for Tony and the organisers who put in tons of work, and people sit on their butts and slag it. It was a first time effort, from which I'm certain many lessons were learnt and I will be there next year!

Also, I am one of those climbers with a low handicap who does benefit from the point system (Im sorry - I didnt invent it but Im sure the organisers of these things did put some thought into it) - and believe me, Im nutz about this sport and have pushed as hard as I can in the year I have been doing it. I went to Boven Roc Rally and we did score well (for our level) because of the system, but also because we threw ourselves at it with huge gusto and enthusiasm, and some strategy. To me however, the biggest bonus on these rallies is to get to hang out and mingle with diverse groups of climbers and watch the hotshots sending around you. And generally have a bit of a lag (red thongs n all) and go home buggered. I don't for a moment think Im a better climber than many of the people who scored less than us - I'd have to be stupid, blind and lying at the bottom of a crag somewhere from over-confidence to do that.

But, the system does allow me to take part on a basis that makes it worth competing, and getting all excited about it. Whats stopping someone from organising a purely difficulty based comp?

Post by » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:44 pm

maybe the R200 entrance fee had a bit to do with low attendance? That's quite a bit for climbing at a local crag...

Post by » Tue Dec 13, 2005 7:24 am

It's about more than R200, it's about the vibe...


Post by Hmmm » Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:31 pm

I think it a bit unfair that one of the employees and organisers walks away with like R10000 worth of prizes. And yet some folks went home with nothing


Post by MW » Tue Dec 13, 2005 4:10 pm

Pity thats life hey...Crank harder and if it bothers you so much vote with your feet and whatever you have in your wallet.

Post by » Wed Dec 14, 2005 5:01 pm

it's a cool event to have. The fee of R200 is a bit much. Make it half that and for sure I'd have been there. It's a great sport and rock rally is a fun way to enjoy it. Perhaps some people take it too seriously, but from the gripes I've read here it is clear that the rules are in need of refinement. Surely someone jumping on your route and climbing around you is cause enough for disqualification? It's certainly enough to earn you my wheel spanner in your teeth when we get back from the crags..!

An event like this is really not about the prizes. It's about a gathering of like minded people, and that's what fun about it. I say rather than making tickets so expensive, one could have a bar and snacks station and some cheap[er] gear and try to earn the balance this way.

The handicap system is a good thing. as MW pointed out, it gave her alot of motivation to try her best, and , as Guy pointed out, winning relys on strategy, thus it's fair that anyone could win. A person can only climb so many routes a day, even if it's at well below your peak, thus it will balance out as the stronger climbers will have much more endurance anyway.

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