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Win with Edelrid

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:10 pm
by climbcityrock
To launch Edelrid’s amazing range of safe and innovative gear, and because we love to hear your stories, CityROCK and Mountain Mail Order are having a little giveaway competition for the month of November.

Tell us about the most epic or adventurous moment that you and your climbing partners have experienced. You need to share the tale of your epic (something scary, dangerous, an accident or a close call that happened out climbing or in the mountains). The catch is, you need to tell us how an Edelrid product could have saved the day, if you had it with you?

Some starting points are:
The Edelrid Ohm – a friction device that clips to the first draw and is perfect to use with a belayer who is much lighter. 
The Edelrid Mega Jul – an assisted braking belay device (it locks once it is weighted) which is perfect to use with double ropes.

To enter:
Visit, login or register on the climbing forum
In the categories section of the forum, select “Epic tales”
Write the (true) story of your epic misfortune or adventure on this section of the forum
Email a link to your story post to (so we don’t miss it!)
Share the link to your social media accounts

Exciting Edelrid prizes are up for grabs including the signature Tommy Caldwell Pro Dry 9.6mm 70 metre rope!