180 meter straight drop

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180 meter straight drop

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Hi All,

Perhaps we can help Tristan out:

I am looking for a location to complete a world record and I thought, who better to ask than Climb ZA. I hope you can assist me.

I aim to beat the world record for the world's highest basketball drop into a basketball net.
The location would need to have the following characteristics:
Cliff face of more than 185m high (Anywhere in SA will be fine)
Be straight down
Have access to the top and bottom to bring basketballs to the top and film at the bottom. Preferably have a road from the bottom to the top to allow easy retrieval of the basketballs.
I know this is a strange email to receive and definitely not something you deal with every day, but I appreciate any assistance!

Kind regards

Tristan Edwards
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Nic Le Maitre
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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A few places come to mind but they generally don't have roads to the top or bottom.

Devils Tooth Amphitheater behind Boschendal - easy access to the bottom but a long walk to the top.
Slanghoek Amphitheater near Rawsonville - long walk to the top, horrible hike to the bottom
Fernwood Buttress on Table Mountain - is it 180m from the roofs to the ledges at the bottom?
Happy climbing
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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Why not Slanghoek Amphitheater? Yes, access to both top and bottom involves some hiking, but its much higher than 185m.

Where is Tristan based I wonder? There are plenty of >200m cliffs in this country
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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The commercial absail at the Maletsunyane falls in Lesotho is 204 m. Just left of the falls in the picture

There is a road to the top and a hiking trail (and absail line) to the bottom.
I think some of the other cliffs in that gorge could be even higher
maletsunyane.jpg (9.7 KiB) Viewed 6689 times
It would also make for some good footage
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I'm based in Pretoria but I don't mind driving just about anywhere for the record attempt. Closer would be easier to organise though
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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Go practice at Boven - those falls are only about 50m high but I think the ball will float and you will see how well this idea works...
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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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Re: 180 meter straight drop

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