WARNING ⚠️ Dynamite Danger on Ledge

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WARNING ⚠️ Dynamite Danger on Ledge

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On the route Dynamite on Upper Africa Ledge, the lower pitch has become more dangerous since the removal of a loose block, numbered 1 on the accompanying picture (cover of Tony Lourens' Cape Peninsula Select) This has destabilised the flake below it (numbered 2) which is much bigger and could certainly be fatal if it comes off while someone is climbing. The belayer sits directly below this teetering flake. Since the removal of the smaller block above, it has now also become possible to put one's hands right around the back of the block and if someone pulls themselves up like that it is quite likely to come off!
Please be extremely careful when climbing this route and please spread the word.
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Re: WARNING ⚠️ Dynamite Danger on Ledge

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Sounds like it’s begging for a controlled trundle
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