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Trad exchange 2019

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:25 pm
Please read this post and the answer the questions at the end if you are at all interested. Please keep your answers and comments brief and to the point so that a decent plan emerges. Or send me an email. Snort

The trad exchanges between the MCSA and our offshore counterparts have all been successful and there is now some momentum to keep this going.

I recently met with Michael Larcher, the president of the Austrian Mountain Club, and introduced him to the concept of the trad exchanges. He seemed to understand the concept and I have put together a short presentation to send to him.

I have also contacted Dave Turnbull, CEO of the BMC and the BMC is also keen to do another trad exchange with South Africa next year.

It seems like interest in trad climbing is growing and there are several new kids on the block ticking some of the harder routes on TM and around Du Toits. Up North there is also development with some world class hard trad routes at Blyde River Canyon. The trad exchanges can only add to this growth and add to the depth of trad routes around South Africa.

If the Austrian Mountain Club or BMC accepts our invitation I would propose we host them here either just before the April school holidays in mid-March 2019 or just after the holidays in Mid-April.

I propose a change in itinerary so as to be more inclusive.

Itinerary: As usual the event would start in Cape Town simply because Table Mountain is so world class and convenient.

Then straight on to the Cederberg.

The group would then head to JNB and Blouberg followed by Blyde River or Wilgepoort and ending up at Waterval Boven.

The reason for Boven is that there is actually a lot of good trad there but besides that it is the world class sport climbing destination in South Africa. There is also a deeply entrenched climbing vibe and culture centred there too. It is also an excellent end point for our visitors should they wish to stay on.

Funding: The CPT MCSA has committed R50000 per year for 3 years and next year is the final tranche. JNB MCSA has also assisted with direct funding and indirect funding of the event by supporting the travel costs of their member(s).

The funding is primarily meant to facilitate the participation of young and up-coming trad climbers under the age of 25 to joint the event. Unfortunately this is difficult to achieve as the entry to trad climbing is so difficult with most trad climbers now only really getting into it at or after their mid-twenties. Be that is it may, the average age of the participants of the last trad exchange to the USA was markedly less than the previous one with the Brits.

These exchanges cost a lost more than R50000.00 to host and as a result too few individuals bear the brunt of the additional costs. So the new funding model proposed will be different to the past as follows:

The funding secured from the MCSA should be sufficient to cover the costs of transport (car rental and petrol and accommodation (camping fees at Cederberg Boven & Blyde ) and permits (Cederberg) only. Any money left over will be used for the odd social event like a braai once the budget is sorted.

Our hosts will be asked to chip in €200 to cover the costs of food and so on and any other shortfalls. This of course means that individuals who travel to Austria will have to chip in the same if we go there.

So the purpose of this email is to raise the following queries:

1. Who supports the holding of a trad exchange next year with the Austrians or the BMC?
2. If so what input can you give?
3. Do you agree with the itinerary proposed? If not why and what instead?
4. Do you support the funding proposal?
5. Is there anyone that has the time and organizational skills to take this forward? (It is a very time consuming campaign but very rewarding indeed. You get to book your spot on the exchange too! You also need considerable personal resources to make this all happen.)

Re: Trad exchange 2019

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:26 pm
BTW another option is the Balkans encompassing Bulgaria and Hungary as proposed by Teodor Iliev.....

Re: Trad exchange 2019

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:25 am
by Old Smelly
That sounds like invasion plans...comrade SNORT