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Has anyone ordered gear from

I see their prices are really (really) competitive; e.g. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes for under R700 for a pair, which, even with shipping to SA works out to R850 per pair. I'm guessing Customs will get involved at the last leg but still it could work out less than what the same shoes go for locally (R1400 per pair).

Here are some links to compare: ... 37951972/p ... nvy-green/

(Same shoe, different colours..)
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Recent discussion on similar topic here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23848
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I've gotten some gear from Trekinn before, but there's a few things to consider:
Effective VAT rate will be 16.5% if I'm not mistaken
There's of course shipping but also handling fees and other levies
Duties on some goods like fabrics is exorbitant; make sure what import duties you will pay
You really have to track your shipment, and call the SAPO regularly to find out if it has arrived for collection. It is an administrative schlep.
No after-sales service
No exchanges if you get the wrong size (especially with shoes that is an issue)

Bottom line: you start off with a 50% discount but in the end it is only 20% off or something like that; add the admin and lack of support and you really got to ask yourself if it is worth it....unless I get a fantastic deal I'd rather support our local importers; their continued existence is a benefit to us all :thumright
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I have ordered from them but shipping becomes the problem, I have waited atleast 6 months for orders if not more. The issue seems to be on the SA post office side
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Rockray143 wrote: Sun Nov 07, 2021 7:36 am I have ordered from them but shipping becomes the problem, I have waited atleast 6 months for orders if not more. The issue seems to be on the SA post office side
You still use the post office.... You either very brave or have money to burn.
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I've had similar problems with ordering online from international suppliers. Too much money wasted – I prefer to do all my shopping with SA companies, especially places like Mountain Mail Order/ Cityrock with a physical store so I can try stuff on and get a good look at the gear before I shell out. I also enjoy being able to check out the sale section – I've found some great hidden gems. And Black Friday is coming up, so there will probably be lots of great gear on special soon...
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I was actually just looking at purchasing the 1kg Wildcountry Bag Pure from Trekkinn since I can't find it in the shops in SA and was concerned about the shipping.

Thanks for the info in the thread
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Howzit man I used Trekkinn, looks cheap but the import cost are high and takes time to get here.
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