Kloof, Durban - PLEASE fill in register!!!

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Kloof, Durban - PLEASE fill in register!!!

Post by BruceT »

Forsaking my usual semi-nocturnal habits, I had a pleasant mid-morning session at Rumdoodle sunday 15/8. Nice crowd, pleasant people (don't know them), good vibe, litter free - all very cool.

2 Parks Board guards looking after us - all for free...

As I signed out I noticed non-one else had signed in. The guard at the office was quite stressed - he knew there were climbers there (the guards have radios) and yet they had no record once I had left...

There are signs all over the park reminding climbers to sign in - please people, JUST DO IT!!!

Maybe they sent a message to Johan, maybe they didn't know...

There was some talk of gyms, so could I ask the people who have links to climbing gyms in the Durban/PMBG area to please put up a notice begging climbers to sign in when visiting Kloof gorge?

Thanks all.
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Re: Kloof, Durban - PLEASE fill in register!!!

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Yes - please do as Bruce says (and does).

Signing the register is an important because it re-assures the head
ranger that climbers accessing Kloof Gorge are traceable (i.e. if you
don't come back he knows where to look for you, or send the rescue
team) and "safe" from criminals (if you're climbing in an area
considered unsafe, he can send someone to watch your back).

Signing the register also establishes a paper trail, which gives
evidence that climbers are a significant user group. This is important
if we'd like to retain our current *preferential* access to the

Do your bit and take 10 minutes out of your day to schlep past the
main picnic area in Bridle road to sign the climbers register.

Out of town visitors too please..
At the chaaaaains boet!!
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