Dodgy bolt - Kirika at Silvermine Main Crag

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Dodgy bolt - Kirika at Silvermine Main Crag

Post by Josh78 » Thu May 23, 2019 9:00 am

Hi fellow climbers,

A word of caution - I discovered the second bolt (protects the crux) of Kirika at Silvermine Main Crag (the very first route as you walk into the crag) to be very questionable. On close examination, the internal stem moves from side to side (not the hanger). To me this looked super dangerous, especially if it were to fail, since you'd hit the ground.

I was unable to take any pictures of it. The route was bolted in 2006, so my guess is it has not been re-bolted (could be wrong), if compared with the beautiful glue-in at the crag. There is a small amount of rust visible, which to me would be of not much concern, but only if the stem didn't move around!! Perhaps this could be an 'apple core effect' rusting from the inside out, this of course is just speculation, I'm not really sure?

Another point to note. The bolt in question has a letter set into the top of the stem. From what I remember this is a good thing, something to do with the quality of bolt used perhaps?

Any feedback would be most welcome please.


Andy Davies
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Re: Dodgy bolt - Kirika at Silvermine Main Crag

Post by Andy Davies » Thu May 23, 2019 10:18 am

Hey Josh - I suspect its the bolt moving around in soft rock. Suggest someone takes a spanner and tightens it. You are correct about the stamp on the bolt head - its either a Fischer or Hilti bolt which are good quality

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