Cape Town Bouldering

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Cape Town Bouldering

Post by Chris »

Anyone know of a route guide to the the CBD and Redhill boulders? Also tried to find the \"A\" boulder at Echo Valley, this is the one with \"The Beast\", \"Beast and a half\" etc, I went up to the halfway house boulders but the \"A\" boulder didn't seem to match with Guy Holwills Guide.

Post by Stu »

Hey check this out, don't know how many people actually know about this site. If anyone gives you info on CBD I would appreciate it if you could send it my way.

Post by Shirley »

Hi we are wondering if someone could explain us how to get to the amazone boulders! We are now in Muizenberg but we cannot find enough information about how to get to the boulder area's.

Post by Dom »

At the moment, I don't think there's a guide to the CBD boulders, but feel free to email me for some details. I'm working on a guide, but at the moment I am a bit too busy to make much headway. Steve Downing did put up an excellent guide, but I don't think it's online anymore. Regarding Redhill, Emile's site (the Geocities one) is as good as you're going to get, and it's pretty good. I spend a fair amount of time at both areas (Red Hill on the weekends and Deer Park/CBD during the week), so I can show you around the areas if you want. Regarding the A boulder at Echo Valley - good luck. It's a mission. Look for a boulder on the left of the path (as you walk up) with a big slab on the top and a dead tree right next to it. dom

Post by Stu »

Guy's Vague Guide to Topside is what it should be called :). Follow the path opposite the large Graffiti Boulders. It looks quite flat from the pathway.
Guy Holwill

Post by Guy Holwill »

Well at least it not Guy's Spoonfeeder's Guide to not tripping over your feet. This is an outdoor adventure sport! Regarding Amazon, please adhere to the Rules imposed by SANP (the landoweners). To get there, park on the only sharp bend on Boyes Drive, follow the path diagonally up to the left (20 mins). Once on the first summit ridge, follow the path right (5 mins), then turn left and follow the path up to the Spes Bona forest (10 mins).
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Re: Cape Town Bouldering

Post by inayamike »

could anybody direct me to some bouldering around joeys where u wont get beaten n mugged? hows this lonehill/fourways area?
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Re: Cape Town Bouldering

Post by DavWilkinson »

Here are some topos to Cape Town bouldering
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