Route Guide Apps for SA and Europe

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Route Guide Apps for SA and Europe

Post by BruceDaniel »

What route guide (bouldering ,trad and sport) smartphone apps are available for SA and Europe?

Pros and cons for each of SA and Europe (incl Alpine)?
For Europe , info on hiking and accomodation would be a bonus
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Re: Route Guide Apps for SA and Europe

Post by wesleywt »

27 Crags app is okay, it's a bit expensive.

I prefer route guide books over the app because they contain the local knowledge of the area. Guides are written by locals while the app is populated with data from predominantly visitors. You can usually buy route guides for an area, in the closest city. We bought ours in Barcelona for Suirana and Margalef.
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Re: Route Guide Apps for SA and Europe

Post by stingrei »

27 crags is a steal at the price. Since it covers all areas and routes and you don’t buy the guides individually. It’s usd 40 per annum: for all guides including Rocklands etc. Compared to buying a guide and shipping the book and then 1 yr later a new one is released...and it’s only for one area. Font is on. And, once a member you can edit and add Boulder problems and routes you open for the area authors to authorise.
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Re: Route Guide Apps for SA and Europe

Post by Chris F »

Just noted UKClimbing is expanding online coverage in France. Never used the app though.

A lot of hiking info in Europe is available online.
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