Rocklands Boulder washing/cleaning

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Rocklands Boulder washing/cleaning

Post by oan » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:09 pm

Hi guys

I would like to organise a cleanup of some of the boulder problems in Rockland, Cederberg.

Some of the problems are really caked up from years of chalk, sweat and grime. This calls for some maintenance on the boulders to ensure that everyone has a fun time climbing. To do this I would like to assemble a team of volunteers to help clean up, wash the grips and do general maintenance. Some classic bouldering problems, to name but a few, that need cleaning:
  • Girl on my mind
  • Minki
  • Sunset traverse
  • Poison Dwarf

I believe a brush and some water could work but might take forever. Oom Thys from de Pakhuys said he is willing to assist by lending his pressure washer for this initiative. This leads me to three questions:
  • Firstly, does anyone have a small generator so assist?
  • Secondly, does anyone have a way or suggestions to transport/supply some water that does not lead to wasting of water?
  • Lastly, and most importantly, what pressure/force specification are needed as to not damage the rock in the long run?

Your comments, feedback and support in this regard will be highly appreciated.

All the best

Oan de Waal
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