Redhill still accessible?

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Redhill still accessible?

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Recently moved back after being overseas since 2010. I remember back then there was some confusion with TMNP on which areas were and were not barred from bouldering activity. Is this still the case, or are have they defined what's allowed by now? Also does anyone still have the old bouldering topos of cape town that were up on Cutloose? I've been trying for months now to get into the site with no luck, says a password is required.
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Re: Redhill still accessible?

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I believe that according to discussions between MCSA boulderers and Sanparks, Rehill is closed for bouldering.
The reasons include that it is in fact on private land, managed by Sanparks.

I have not been part of the bouldering liasons, but can say that the MCSA and SanParks are very close to issuing a joint statement on the rules for climbing access in TMNP. Of course all rules are something that evolve, but this will (hopefully!) spell out the full status quo clearly.

We''ll of course release it as soon as we've got a clear and agreed publication to publish.

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