Mountain Sanctuary Access for MCSA members to Tonquani

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Mountain Sanctuary Access for MCSA members to Tonquani

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Good Day,

The MCSA is pleased to announce that MCSA members can once again access Cedarberg Kloof via the Mountain Sanctuary Office. We are extremely pleased that we can once again resume our good relations and co operative spirit with Mountain Sanctuary Park with whom we have a long record of co operation and goodwill. We encourage our members to uphold this relationship in all their dealings with MSP and to assist us in our combined work to preserve the environment and to appreciate the wild in the Magaliesberg.

The official notification is as follows;

Dear MCSA Members,
Following the loss of our access to our properties via the Mountain Sanctuary Park (MSP) office earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that access will be restored, on a six month trial basis, from the first weekend in November.
Summarised below are the revised access rules. Please familiarise yourself with these points as failure to do so could result in the MCSA permanently losing access via this convenient route to Cedarberg and Tonquani. The MCSA will also not hesitate to take action against offending members. This may include suspension or loss of membership.

Access Conditions
1. Etiquette: Please be polite and respectful to MSP staff, wait in line to sign the register (do not push past other MSP guests) and do not argue with the staff. Rather bring any grievances back to your committee.
2. Parking fee: R60/car.
3. Where do I park? In the parking area before the MSP office. Parking in the rest camp, such as in front of the ablution blocks is not permitted, even when camping over.
Parking and entry is at own risk.
4. MCSA card & stickers: NO CARD NO ENTRY. The card must also have the latest sticker. The preceding year’s sticker will only be accepted until end February each year.
5. [i]What about my guests?[/i] The one-member-one-guest rule will apply. This will be strictly policed, you cannot for example arrive with more than one guest and state that further MCSA friends will arrive later.
6. Departure and Arrival times
a) DO NOT arrive after the office has closed in the evenings.
b) DO NOT leave late. Be aware of the gate closure times.
LATE DEPARTURES WILL BE CHARGED R150/pp and offending members will lose their access benefits to MSP.
Access Table.png
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7. NEW ROUTE to MCSA properties
a) You may no longer cross the MSP Rest Camp.
b) The new designated route is via a path leading from directly behind the office to the MCSA’s property via the Slide Pools. A sign board has been erected behind the office indicating this route.
c) Hiking anywhere else on MSP’s property is strictly prohibited.

8. You may not use MSP facilities such as their showers, swimming pools or hike on their property.
a) If you wish to make use of these we recommend either camp over or pay the full day visitor fee. Both of the latter will require prior booking. (MSP only allows a limited number of guests onto their property per day).
b) You may however use their toilet facilities. (Return to the path behind the office block when done).
c) Official meets & non-members.
a) All non-members must enter at the same time as the meet leader. Non-members who arrive late will be turned away.
b) MCSA Admin must notify MSP 1 – 2 weeks before an official meet. This notification will include the meet leader’s details.
c) Conservation meets. MSP will consider waiving the parking fee.
d) Utopia Servitude. If members use the legal servitude from Utopia they are not permitted to turn left or right after entering the gate that borders on MSP property as this would be considered trespassing. A well sign-boarded trail has been demarcated, which crosses a stream and leads up to MCSA property. From there, follow cairns to entry point at the top of Cedarberg.
As a reminder, the pools right at the bottom of Lower Tonquani, bordering on Utopia, belong to MSP.
e) Permit holders. Permit holders will not enjoy MCSA benefits and will need to pay the full MSP day visitor fee. Prior bookings directly with MSP will also be required to ensure that day visitor slots, which are limited, are reserved.
Please do not hesitate to contact your Land & Access Convenor or Club Administrator if you require any further details or clarification on the above access conditions.

MCSA JHB & Mag Committees

Should you have any queries regarding the access arrangements please contact the respective offices.

MCSA - Johannesburg Section OFFICE
Tel: +27 11 067 0326 (3-6pm weekdays)
Mobile: +27 61 239 6272

MCSA - Magaliesberg Section OFFICE
Tel: (+27) 083 845 1573 (8am-10am weekdays)
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