Suicide Gorge Reservations ??

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Suicide Gorge Reservations ??

Post by BAbycoat »

Can anyone post or PM me the details for reserving a Suicide Gorge trip?

(I know the gorge well from multiple trips when I had (much) more hair on my head ... Haven't been back in years, would like to while I'm visiting the Cape this summer).

Thanks in advance ...
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Re: Suicide Gorge Reservations ??

Post by BrianG »

Cape Nature Booking 021 483 0190 ... kloofing-2

I was in a similar "boat" to you last year. be prepared for a fees shock...!
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Re: Suicide Gorge Reservations ??

Post by Rob12inch »

Hi guys,

Just bringing up an old thread here.
Im heading down to CT over Dec and would like to head out to Suicide Gorge.

Cape Nature website states that its a 8-9 hour trip, I would to find out are there any shorter options (maybe about 5hours?) or is it that once you're in the gorge there is only one way out?

I know there is an second option of kloofing further down the same river, but we are really keen on doing the bigger jumps that suicide offers.

I wont be able to stay out the whole day because home affairs wont be too happy so basically I would like to find out, is there a shorter option on the Suicide Gorge route and if so how long would it take?

Thanking you in advance!!!
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Re: Suicide Gorge Reservations ??

Post by Brussel »

not really...
there are some shorter variations heading out from near junction pool. But they'll take you longer than that especially if you are a first timer.
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