Lost World lost again!

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Re: Lost World lost again!

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R1000 per person per night for food, accommodation, access to climbing, and a social event, including raconteuring by AdK and Ed Feb, is not a rip off.

You will pay R395 per person for a (non-luxury) cottage at De Bos, then add a Bosch Kloof permit (for example), plus buying and preparing your own food incl. wood / charcoal and it will probably cost much the same. So if it's money you are ranting about, it probably works out to the same amount as staying at De Bos, depending on your food and booze budget. If you're camping well then you save R295 but then you're not comparing the same accommodation option. Access debates aside.
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Re: Lost World lost again!

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Hi Olie

Just so we clear, the rates at the event were "special rates" arranged by Tony and only applied to this specific event. The normal rates are between R2,415 and R3,190 per person per night for accommodation and breakfast only. After the event the access has been revoked as was only for this event.

It remains to be seen what transpires WRT Access and costs going forward. Hopefully the owner will get a rosy feedback from his staff and kids as to just how cool we are. 8)
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