one car stolen and another broken into at strubens valley

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Post by nosmo » Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:07 am

oh yes, our country, our crime. my car got broken into a couple of months ago, and since i have not one valuable thing in my car, the idiot thief broke the passenger side door lock (with a screwdriver, i imagine?), and ransacked the cubbyhole only to be disappointed.

he then proceeded to jack my spare wheel. ha-fricken-ha, this moron running down the road after a spare wheel, i wish i could've seen it happen. a month passes, and since i never really get into my car from the passenger side, i kinda forget to fix the door lock. sure as hell, i park my car at strubens a few weeks ago, and someone breaks in through the self same (already broken) door lock, and now, since i don't even have a spare wheel to steal, this uber-grade idiot steals nothing. not. one. thing.

if you see a dude trying to sell one wheel and tyre (the cheapest, smallest ones - the ones that go on little 1300 fords), smack him upside the head for me and laugh. if you see a dude in the area cruising with a screwdriver in his hand, just laugh. he'll know why and feel stupid.

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Post by Hector » Mon Feb 12, 2007 1:26 pm

I think nosmo's thief and the guy who left my car standing on bricks in my yard must work as a team...
You'd be surprised how hard it is to find new rims for a 1984 car

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Post by Avatar » Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:22 pm

Howzit folks. New member and all that. ;)

I was there that day at strubens last october when the thread-starters car got stolen, and another broken into. In fact, I haven't been back since.

I certainly agree that it's a definite issue. Your car is the last thing you want to be worrying about while you're there.

While I've heard some tales of break-ins at Northcliff, luckily I haven't had any problems there. *touch wood* And there's often a guard there who appears to guard the water-tower. (On weekdays anyway.)

I gotta say though that this:
guest wrote:Every time I go to Strubens I pass the petrol station/mall on the right. There are always guys just hanging around, some car guarding, others begging, some of them hoping to get picked up to do some work. Initially the climbers will need to show these guys the opportunity at the Strubens parking lot, by giving one or two guys a lift there, but once the ball gets rolling I can assure you there will always be some guys to watch cars every weekend. where there is a window of opportunity, there will always be someone to fill it.
seems to be the most workable idea. Not the best, unless a club can get involved, but certainly the most easily accomplished. And while it might be said that it would be unreliable at best, isn't anything better than nothing?

As Guest said, all it'll take is a time or two and then there will be people to take advantage of the opportunity.

Ah well, eyes up and all that. ;) Be safe folks.


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