Silvermine access

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Silvermine access

Postby Iain » Tue Nov 07, 2006 6:23 am

Hi There,
Anyone know what the current position is with Silvermine main crag and the nesting birds?

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Postby janinel » Tue Nov 07, 2006 8:12 am

Hi Iain,

Not sure what the official status of the crag is, but there is only the one board up, as u walk in to abseil down. There are no red flags indicating the climbable areas etc. anymore and the starlings are still there on certain routes. They tend to charge when climbing anywhere near them, but we managed to enjoy a good session on Sunday, with only one incident with the birds.

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Current situation

Postby Brent » Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:14 am

SANParks would like everyone to be aware that there is a pair of Rock Kestrels nesting at the Main Crag. They have placed marker signs up at the venue, but there may be some confusion about them. I've suggested how Parks can improve their signage to make it less ambiguous.

To avoid confusion here are the specifics of where you can climb. Fortunately, they've agreed that the whole crag doesn't need to be closed (in the past, they would do that). All routes between Sterling Silver and Mercury should not be climbed, as they are too close to the nest. Please respect this temporary situation and give the birds a chance to nest in peace. They have two chicks at the moment, which should fledge in a few weeks time. The signage will let you know when it is ok to climb those routes again.

Thanks okes

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about the boards

Postby janinel » Mon Nov 13, 2006 1:31 pm


with regards to the signage, i find it a little...lacking. I have seen one board only...and on only one occasion have i seen the red markers that they speak of, which disappeared just as quickly as they appeared.

I have the utmost intention of protecting the wild birds and their offspring, but it would help if it was better sign posted. We asked game rangers that were around on numerous occasions where it would be alright to climb and where not to, but they seem to know less than us half the time.

I think a lot of the time it isn't a case of people disregarding the signage intentionally, but rather they're unaware to whats going on and where...?
also, a better structure could be put in place to report people disregarding these indicators, as we've seen younger kids happily plodding along, completely disregarding the signage and continue to do so after we have pointed this out to them and asked them to adhere to it. The number on the board was either engaged...or rang continuously...

but just my 2 cents worth, so thanks :)

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