Good Times

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Good Times

Postby » Sat Apr 30, 2005 1:20 pm

I just got back from SA and got to do a little bit climbing. Upon the recommendation from people on this site Waterval Boven was the place to go. And right you were! Oh yeah, somebody could have mentioned the wild baboons. A little freaky for the American climber taking his neophyte peacecorps sister out for a day cragging. I can deal with Bears in Yosemite, CA and black flies (tiny annoying flying gnat from N.E. USA) at my home cliff in New Hampshire, USA. But baboons? I was thrown for a loop. I had a great time and wanted to thank those who responded to my questions in december. Also, is there much aid climbing done in SA? Cheers.
-Jon, the American Scared of Baboons

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