Blerrie bliksem etc... Broken myself.

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Blerrie bliksem etc... Broken myself.

Post by Hawkman » Tue Sep 12, 2006 5:59 pm

As if losing my \"reliable\" contact for doing Oceans wasn't bad enough.

I went slow speed tarmac surfing on my mototrbike again last week, but luckily had my leathers on a came off with cracked ribs and sprained thumb. Really pissed off because it's buggered the training programme and although I can start climbing again I don't think I'll be able to crank it when I do my roadtrip in oct/nov. The thumb is still problematic with clipping stuff. Still bringing my gear, although how the aardvark SAA expect me to bring my rack and normal holiday crap and keep it under 25kg is anyones guess. :cry:

Anyway cut to the chase, was going to do some stuff around CT and TM, before heading up to (maybe stopping to salivate at Blouberg - one aay you bugger) then Kruger with the girlfriend and then heading back to CT via KZN. Thinking I'll teach her how to climb, so any suggestions for short easy routes around these areas? Failing that I might learn to surf - on the waves that is... :shock:
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