Rock Rally difficulty rules

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andrew p
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Rock Rally difficulty rules

Post by andrew p » Sat Sep 02, 2006 1:33 pm

Whats with having to do 12 climbs. I do the difficulty cos I dont like getting wasted, doing 12 routes in a weekend sounds like an enduro fest to me. 6 is enough. If its to force climbers to warm up thats silly, it is a climbers responsibilty to warm up, like he/she does every weekend.

Can we clarify that jumping down to the ground (ie not weighting the rope) from the crux of nuns in the run or any other route means that its not an onsight or even a flash! Last year that was done giving the climber 30.5 points for what is probably a 27 anyway!! It is just about acceptable to climb down to the ground in control and still call it an onsight but even this is shoddy style.

Whos up for the difficulty this year anyhow, hopefully a few from afar. It would be nice if some really hard climbs went down this year.

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Rock Rally difficulty rules

Post by Gustav » Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:34 am

Hey Mr Pedley

Point taken, I have had enough calls for scrapping the 12 route thing. It will be changed shortly.

In fact, this year the difficulty comp will be limited to Wonderland. There are enough hard routes up there. In that way we can contain the difficulty section and it will be easier for spectators to see you hard men and ladies crank!

Please note that some crags will be excluded from the rally this year, look at a new posting called Roc Rally Crags.
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