Kirk Falls climbing

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Kirk Falls climbing

Post by Gregdegidts » Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:41 am

Hi there I'm a JHB based climber and I'd like to take a road trip through Natal and was wondering if anyone is able to help me with Directions on how to get to Kirk falls. I know it is a relatively new area ? Does anyone know the number of routes, if there is an online guide available or where I could purchase one ? And also if the area is considered safe ie I know we are in SA so you should always be aware but want to know is it reasonably safe like Boven or more dodge as I heard Wave cave could be at times

Cheers and thanks

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Re: Kirk Falls climbing

Post by Nattrass » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:52 am

Hey Greg - Yes Kirk Falls is on its way to becoming a worthy destination.

When is your trip planned? We can hook you up with local climbers - even over the Easter Weekend.

The routes are 25m long and pumpy! - climbing open handed buckets that follow ever steepening rock. Endurance, endurance, endurance - very few crimps...

Thus far the routes are:

StarFleet Academy - 18
Ewok Adventure - 18
Death Star Canteen - 21 Fantastic
Wagon Train to the stars : 24 Life changing...
The Final Frontier: 25 - sooo good
Warp Speed: 23+ I have died and gone to heaven
Federation Space: 26+ and Brilliant
Enterprise: 28 - even more Brilliant!!!
Stardate: 28 - OMG they keep getting better...

Resistance is Futile: 30 ish - (almost done). I have fallen twice on the 22 romp to the chains (after all five cruxes done!) - The BEST route ever: Fact!
Scott's Project: 31 ish - far from done but who knows

So there is something for everyone. Remember that Kloof Gorge is only 15mins drive away and alwasy worth a visit.
The crag is totally safe - very inaccessible. Cars are well hidden (but who knows in RSA...)
The crag has space for about 80 routes I would guess. We are only placing glue-ins - which is a challenge on such overhanging rock.
I have two weeks leave in early April so may get more bolting and sending done before you arrive. A bag of bolts/glue/bits lives at the base of the wall Help yourself if you want to open something. Thats how we roll in KZN...

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Re: Kirk Falls climbing

Post by Gregdegidts » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:12 pm

Thanks for the speedy reply roger looks amazing. Haven't set dates yet basically just decided on the fly this morning. I called Gavin Peckham a few mins ago to get a guide for White umfolozi and mentioned this crag and he said he'd send me your email to contact you so I'll email you when I have more info closer to the time.
Great to hear there is another quality crag thanks for all the hard work :thumright

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Re: Kirk Falls climbing

Post by brettbutzer » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:50 am

Thanks for the rapid response mark looks awesome. Have not set schedules yet generally just made the decision on the fly today. I known as Gavin Peckham a few minutes ago to get a information for White-colored umfolozi and described this crag and he said he'd deliver me your e-mail to get in touch with you so I'll e-mail you when I have more details nearer to sufficient time.
Great to listen to there is another top quality crag thanks for all the effort.i really need it

andrew p
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Re: Kirk Falls climbing

Post by andrew p » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:58 pm

We were at Kirk over long weekend. Wow, the climbing is great quality and such fun. Its Kalymnos on quartzite. Climbs of all grades to 8a. Bring some stamina. You can climb 3 -4 days without rest as its so easy on the skin and not too cruxy. We stayed at a nice b&b/backpackers called Khululeka Backpackers only 12 kms away tel. 0317653214. Excellent work Roger, Scott, Illona for developing. Andrew

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Re: Kirk Falls climbing

Post by CandiceB » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:04 am

It's Kalymnos on quartzite.
Hah, glad you enjoyed it Andrew. It certainly is a great place. Friendly, juggy and all about the stamina.

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