Inspiration vs Dedication

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Inspiration vs Dedication

Post by Don » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:16 am

What is the perfect balance between : Inspiration and dedication?

I go with Inspiration at 40%
Dedication at 60%

What sort of routes do you like?

I don't mind that the route is broken up(has rests), from my bouldering background. My favorite routes are short intense ones. Some people enjoy long continuous/Technical face/ Overhaning jugs/Cracks/Offwidths...

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Re: Inspiration vs Dedication

Post by DavidWade » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:45 pm

Long, solid pumpy overhang with as little resting as possible! Love it! :thumleft:

Some of my all time favourites:
Paws - Oudtshoorn - What a classic line
Jack Of All Trades - Waterval Boven - My all time most memorial send
Snap Dragon - Waterval Boven - classic
Beast - Waterval Boven - My hardest send
Red Dragon - Bronkies - My proudest send
Fossil Fuel - Choss Pile - (which I still haven't sent)

Inspiration & Dedication
It depends on your objective: Do you want to climb well, or do you just want to have fun.

To just have fun you need neither. You climb and train only when you feel like it and only as hard as you are in the mood for - after all, its just fun.
To climb well needs lots of dedication.
But to train hard and still enjoy your self needs lots of dedication and inspiration.

Thats my take on things :thumright

I have a question: What gets you all the most inspired or psyched to climb?

For me there are 2 things:
1) Watching other people pushing to their max.
2) Climbing Movies.

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Re: Inspiration vs Dedication

Post by ebby » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:45 pm

The moments when I want to push myself and climb hard are often because iv heard about something sick happening especially in the local climbing scene, or when I witness something amazing happen like a total beginner climb a 17 without falling on top rope. On the other hand what makes me really psyched is watching someone get into the zone and climb with pure determination and good style. AP on double dragon was the perfect example of this for me. When I see these things happen all I want to do is crush everything :thumright

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Re: Inspiration vs Dedication

Post by Don » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:18 pm

Inspiration is very important to me. I have several feeds for this... For me i have several passions, so i like to spend time on all of them. Sometimes what gets me psyched to climb, has nothing to do with climbing- it's just the spark that sets things in motion.

Like... Commitment. Beauty. Aesthetics. Repetiore of moves. Complexity .Difficulty. Fun - to name a few...

-> I like solving problems/riddles: the route should have this property for me
-> I see no difference between fun and dedication. Fun = dedication. This is intrinsic. (It's hard in the beginning, i admit)
-> My personality is inclined to push the bounderies in anything i do, this is just who i am...So, climbing is just a physical manifestation of that(Climbing to me has so much more to offer, and it's just cool, lets face it)

I say my friends (or people that i know) inspire me to be a better climber. I started out enjoying climbing movies but i don't really find them appealing anymore... Climbing is a personal thing, not seperated from the people you do it with! Your climbing friends will point out weaknesses and give your more mojo than any climbing video will. :thumright

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Re: Inspiration vs Dedication

Post by Don » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:34 pm

By climbing videos, i mean external productions. We should keep the psych in house... :thumright

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