Climbing partner for TM May 13-21

Find someone to climb with... anywhere
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Climbing partner for TM May 13-21

Post by leosantiago » Tue May 08, 2012 3:01 am

I'm a Brazilian passing by Cape Town from May 13 to 21 in a desesperate search for a climb partner!
I know it is hard to climb with a unknown, but that could be an act of mountaineer spirit!

So... I guarantee safety, with a climb experience of 8 years. My max. grade is a French 7a (24??) and I can face a traditional route no more then a 6a... just want to climb for fun in a classic place as Table Mountain!

I'm in at any route of these:
jacobs ladder 16
atlantic crag 18
magnetic wall 19
touch and go 20
the dream 22
roulette 22

Just need a partner, a rope and a rack! I'm bringing my personal stuff with me.
I can promise good pics and beer at the end!

To contact with me: and my brother's cell phone: 0766372986

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Re: Climbing partner for TM May 13-21

Post by mokganjetsi » Tue May 08, 2012 6:57 am

hi leo
i'm around and will be able to climb at least a few days around that time. i have all the gear and some experience on table mountain. will pm you my contact details.

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Re: Climbing partner for TM May 13-21

Post by Warren G » Tue May 08, 2012 10:26 am

and if you don't trust a guy called Mok I'll be most happy to play chaperone!

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Re: Climbing partner for TM May 13-21

Post by ChristinaD » Wed May 09, 2012 4:21 pm

I'm around either May 16 or 18. I don't have a rope though.

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