Boreal Asan UK11

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Boreal Asan UK11

Post by noki » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:25 pm

Through the years, we have had clients drop stuff they no longer use with us in the hope that someone else might want to buy it. I have now decided to clear out some of this stuff.
I will be adding separate messages for each item, to simplyfy things.
Make me an offer, and I will see if the respective clients will take it.
Please note that R50 postage per item will be added.

1 Pair of Boreal Asan full leather boots, UK11.
The upper are in good condition, and so is the bottom sole, but the midsole has totally perished, ultimately separating from the upper. A local cobbler quoted me R280 for a resole, so you could get a R2K (I think?) pair of boots for a steal...

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