Peers Cave Hey Dude Wall new routes

New Areas. New routes. Retrobolting. Add-ons. Re-grading. etc.
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Peers Cave Hey Dude Wall new routes

Postby Nico » Fri May 27, 2011 6:28 pm

Hey guys, anyone know what the new routes are on the Hey Dude Wall at Peers Cave?
They are between Sunset Strip and Spasmodic.

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Re: Peers Cave Hey Dude Wall new routes

Postby Guy » Sat May 28, 2011 2:58 pm

It's been a while, so some of the dates might be a bit off, but here are the routes from L to R

Retarded Dog (19) trad route on the left. Stuart Douglas 1987
Dreaming of the Dreamt Dream Trips (18) trad route up left side of big flake. Guy Holwill 1987
Nothing like Uranus (24) same start as SS, but moves left and finishes thru the roof. GH 1990
Hey Dude (25) same start as SS, but straight up. GH 1990
Sunset Strip (25) start at glue reinforced hold, move right and up the crack. GH 1990
White Fire (27) right of SS. Steve Bradshaw 1990
Sunrise in your Eyes (30) left of FS. Steve Bradshaw 2006
Fearless Streaker (22) the crack left of the gully. Was originally two pitches. John Roff 1987
No Jokes (19) right of gully. SD 1987
Spasmodic (17) right of NJ. SD 1987
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Re: Peers Cave Hey Dude Wall new routes

Postby Not » Sun May 29, 2011 11:25 am

I'm not sure I'd call any of those dates new...maybe 2006...maybe
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