MCSA annual fees

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MCSA annual fees

Post by Andre » Tue Jan 17, 2006 9:04 am

Does anyone know the annual fee of the MCSA(magalesbersection)?
I'd like to know if I can afford it before going through the effort of joining

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Scott Sinclair
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Post by Scott Sinclair » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:20 am

I'd suggest sending an e-mail to Failing that try their secretary or treasurer

I'm sure they'll be happy to let you know.
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Re: MCSA annual fees

Post by DeanVDM » Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:36 pm

The Magaliesberg section fees are R275 per year for an Ordinary member and there is a once off entrance fee of R275. Discounts do apply to bonafide students, couples etc. Also, if you are a Tukkies Explo (UP climbing sports club) member you apply for the student rate and the entrance fee is waived until you are not a bonafide student any more.

I will not bore you with a long winded answer as to what you get for the being a member. Mail me at if you want more info. I would suggest that to attend a meet or two and \"test-drive\" the club - we have a club meet at Cederberg Kloof in the Magaliesberg (a MCSA property) this Sunday 22 Jan (hiking, kloofing and trad climbing).

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Post by twiga » Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:03 pm


Is the attendance of a couple of meets and the getting to know people to approve your entrance into the MCSA still compulsary?

I wanted to join the MCSA Magaliesberg section a couple of years back, and went to a couple of meets and club evenings for about a year. I never even considered submitting an application for membership since nobody would have seconded my application. Being *very* asocial I found this \"rule\" to be a barrier for entrance, atleast for me.

Just filling in the forms and paying the membership fees would definately get me signed up.
(Heard the Western Cape section do something like this)



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Re: MCSA annual fees

Post by DeanVDM » Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:44 pm


the answer is yes, it is still a constitutional requirement (for the Magalies Section) that prospective members be seconded and have attended three meets. The various MCSA sections are in different phases of reviewing these types of issues relative to their respective characters. These and similar requirements have over the years been dropped by some of the sections e.g. Cape Town. There will however *always* be an application process with some requirements since there are for example public liability and other issues that need to be covered (as is the case with other sporting organizations).

Personally I feel that if you are intending to be a member you will be joining in our activities in any case so it should make very little difference. Also, I would think that your choice on whether to join or not should not depend on the application process but rather on things like whether you support the MCSA objectives and the way it facilitates and promotes mountaineering. I have yet to experience a situation where someone is refused entry or refused being seconded.

As to being asocial: at one stage I thought that, judging by the characters that used to hang out at club meets, this was a requirement for being a climber / MCSA member in some form or another. In the mean time I do believe I have found counter examples.

Contact me off-line and I’ll see how I can \"belay\" you on this one.

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