Live Before you Die Tour

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Live Before you Die Tour

Post by SNORT » Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:35 am

About a year ago I had a romantic notion of obtaining a party bus and going on a 2 month tour around South Africa. The plan was to fir out a bus, hire a driver to travel from one cool place to the next and wherever the bus went so did the party. Every major outdoor venue was to be visited starting in Cape Town but including Oudsthoorn, Jeffrey’s Bay, the Berg, Boven, Sekororo, the Magalies, Blouberg, Okavango, Spitzkoppe, the Orange River, Cederberg and of course a wine farm or 3 around the Cape.
There would be a simple rule. Everyone is invited to join the party but only one family member at a time - older than 18 - could ride in the bus – the others would have to travel separately.
Anyway the plan is shelved for a variety of reasons that don’t bear elaborating here. Instead a series of fortunate events are planned instead.

The plans so far are as follows and works on a FIFO principle:
• There are parties cruising up to the Ledge at least twice a week and to Yellowwood once a week. Find a rope partner and join us. Lately there have been several visits to Yellowwood by a bunch of climbers, Fun Time has seen a couple of repeats and 2 new routes opened, Nice Time and Fantastic Time (aka Full Time).
• Kevin Smith and Stewart Middlemiss arrive on the 25 February from the US and are heading off to the Cederberg (Tafelberg and Krakadouw) from CPT airport at 21h30 on the Friday night. Bring your buddy, kit and boeries and malt and join us. It will be dry there!
• The following weekend Hector Pringle and Andrew Porter fly down from the north on the Friday night 4 March at 21h30. We will probably jorl at the Du Toits Kloof MCSA hut and we all, Kevin and Stew included, intend heading up to Yellowwood very early on Saturday morning and maybe climb Sunday as well.
• Sunday night the 6 March is party time at CityROCK from around 07h30 for all you rockers that know Kevin Smith and Stewart Middlemiss (or if you want to get to know them). Bring your own boeries, beer etc (You might get salads and rolls. The Spar is 2 minute walk away if needed.)
• And then there will be a TM ledge play on the Monday.
• The following weekend Kevie, Stew, Me (Ssnort) Willem, Douw, Mark Straughan, Margaret, Hector and Andrew Porter are heading up to Blouberg – Us Capies fly CPT JNB 09h30 Mango Friday am 11 March and return very early on Monday am JNB to CPT.
Other adventures include the AfrikaBurn festival in the stof of the Karoo. (27 April to 1 May).
Rock on and join us if you dare…

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Re: Live Before you Die Tour

Post by Ray » Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:56 am

Wow, I think I need to change my profession! Become an engineer they said! Get to build cool stuff they said! :thumright

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