Cam Maintenance

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Cam Maintenance

Post by whitelion » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:14 am

hi is it a good idea to lube cams?
do you guys actually do it and if so what should i use?

say white lighting ?


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Re: Cam Maintenance

Post by zabullet » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:40 am

I clean and lube my cams on a regular basis (anyone thinking about making a joke about that statement. Just stop).

My experience is that the generally sandy conditions around Cape Town seems to get the cams quite dirty. My procedure is as follows

1. Warm water (sometimes a little bit of mild soap such as sunlight. Just a touch to remove old oil). If I use any soap I then do a "rinse" step with clean warm water
2. I "swish" the lobes in the water. Don't dunk the whole cam. Don't get water on the sling (I avoid it by wrapping the loop and sling in a cloth while I clean it).
3. Dab dry with old towel or something absorbent. I then flick them hard in the air to shake loose any excess water. Then dab again.
4. I've tried several lubes (including Metolius Lube, that comes with their cams). I prefer lubes that come in a can that you be sprayed. Tends to displace any water better. Work cam mechanism while spraying. Then I shake the cams out to remove any lube. Then rub down with something absorbent and clean while working the lobes until all excess oil is remove and is "dry".
5. I then place somewhere warm for a while. Sometimes in the sun, making sure to only expose the cam lobes and not the sling.
6. A final wipe down and then into storage.

I can't stress this enough, the weak link is any webbing/sling that is on them. Don't get it wet. Don't get oil on it. The lobes and shaft are only going to be weakened by large forces not chemicals that you are likely to come in contact with while cleaning. The whole cleaning processes for me is almost entirely to keep the action smooth and avoid any corrosion from the Cape's salty air. Secondary goal is to limit wear from grit in the lobes, however your cams will experience MUCH more wear from just placing, removing and possibly falling than from abrasion from grit.


Disclaimer: This is just what I do. I'm no expert, so take it as is.

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