nut found on Spiderman at Makapansgat

Did you forget you favourite boots at the crag? Or, did you find some quickdraw on the 4th bolt of some route?
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nut found on Spiderman at Makapansgat

Postby shorti » Mon May 24, 2010 3:21 pm

If you forgot your nut (WC #2 I think) on Spiderman, let me know. I'll swop it for a beer and your story of what you thought of the route. The nut was where I think the 2nd stance is supposed to be and I think it must have been a mighty long time ago judging by the condition of the nut. We also picked up a beer bottle and a stompie or 2. I'll swop them for a punch in the face (and by that I mean I'll be the one swinging) :pirat:

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