lost grigri and off road skateboard question

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Jeremy Samson
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lost grigri and off road skateboard question

Post by Jeremy Samson » Sun May 02, 2010 9:43 am


I lost my grigri last week-end, either at the base of Illearth Stone or Blue Diamonds. Please contact me if you have it 083 274 8408

Does anyone know where I can find out whether anyone has mountain biked or mountain boarded off Paarl.
Keith and I went up the other day but chickened out, we were experiencing problems with our one rear wheel which had bearing issues.

I am interested in filming this for a short movie.

I have a scrub off road skateboard and if anyone is keen to do this please let me know, you can borrow my board.


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Re: lost grigri and off road skateboard question

Post by XMod » Sun May 02, 2010 10:28 am

Jeremy youre nuts! I know having kids is stressful but there must be saner ways to blow off steam? MTB's have brakes, skateboards not. Paarl rock has some rather steep drop offs either side of the only shootable line (yes we have also thought of this and looked at the line of descent) not to mention a cheese-grater surface if you bail.

File this one under U for unthinkable, rather like my attempts to drop in on the arch of Tollgate bridge in Durban (Id walked over it, ridden my MX bike over it so why not skate it right?...). I managed it from just over half way up but only just. Analysing the logistics of pushing it from further up pretty quickly brought us to the conclusion that you would die, one little twitch in the wrong direction and it was six stories into oncoming traffic on the freeway, not totally unlike Paarl Rocks, apart from the cars....

If you want a rush on a skateboard give me a shout and I will hook you up with the downhill crew next time they go and blast the hill in durbanville at +100km/hour (private road so no cars - just lots of speed!).

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Re: lost grigri and off road skateboard question

Post by Stu » Sun May 02, 2010 1:32 pm

If memory serves me correctly I saw a guy cycle down the Cable Route while on the Sands of Time Wall, on a whim I believe as he was alone and cycled up from the bottom, so it is possible. Haven't studied it myself but the best line is probably not the Cable Route itself but either to the left or right thereof. Most importantly though if you do attempt it prepare for a vistit to the hospital if you fall :)

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