Strubens, Jozi climbing and Mt Everest (Free State)

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Strubens, Jozi climbing and Mt Everest (Free State)

Post by Mostert » Thu Nov 17, 2005 9:31 am

I am responding to a comment with regard to Stubens, Pizza and ciggs. Strubens is not the only place. I've recently been to Melville Koppies and Norhtcliff. I was shocked to find human faeces lying at the base of the crag (there are times when Mother Nature calls, but I do believe that right thinking individuals will do business elsewhere and out of sight of others and also cover up) at Melville Koppies, a place that I've vowed not to return to again. On Saturday I went out to Northcliff, and another shocker lay in the waiting. Except the fact that Satanic rituals take place, there are broken bottles all over the show and all sorts of waste lying around. At times I take my kids to climbing venues as I enjoy climbing and hopefully they will also enjoy it when they are older. But how do you teach nature conservation and environmental awareness to small kids, when all they see is broken glasses and waste lying around. maybe it is time to turn to international best practices and try and preserve nature and the pleasure of being in nature. I the USA they actually put fences around areas and charge visitors to these areas.:x :cry:


Post by Hector » Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:16 am

The problem with Strubens, Melville and Northcliff is that they are not used exclusively for climbing, or even outdoor activities in the traditional sense. The climbing in these places is on public land, often used as a pedestrian thouroughfare, and so there cant really be any control. These places will always be used by satanists and teenage dopers. Besides all that, the climbing in these places is so pathetic its not really worth it. Rather head out to one of the kloofs if you wanna teach your kids about conservation.

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