Caving / Spelunking.

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Crouching Cricket
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Caving / Spelunking.

Post by Crouching Cricket » Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:05 am

Hi guys,

I'm looking to get into caving / spelunking and don't really know the best way to go about it. There isn't really a SpelunkZA site where I can go and get all the caving route info so I'm basically in the dark here (pun very much intended).

I also don't have any experience with it at all so would need to find a place that trains people in this sort of activity and / or provides guided expedition type events.

What kind of equipment would be needed?

Much appreciated,


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Re: Caving / Spelunking.

Post by Bubbles » Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:31 am

Hey Cricket,

I happen to belong to the caving club,in fact i one of the committee members. You can check out a website called ...yes i know sounds a bit gothic.

The Cape penninsular speological society does monthly meets at areas such as kalk bay,
Table mountain metro system and away meets in various parts of the western cape or south africa.
There is a wealth of knowledge to learn from the guys and it is dam fun.

If you in Cape Town then Pop in to CityROCK, ask for Tarryn, i will give you all the contact details, otherwise darklife should be able to piont you in the right direction.

Chow for now....

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