Towerkop rap station

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george nel
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Towerkop rap station

Post by george nel » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:23 pm

Hi guys,
Me and Jan went to Towerkop this weekend,as always a great experience.
Jan took it upon himself to take out the rusty nuts on the Nefdt rap station and replaced it with his pride and joy DMM nuts.The abseiling down there is far better on the nerves now thanks to Jan.
The Eastern summit station is still a concern,but the keeper of Towerkop plans to improve the safety on that as well.

I want to ask everybody that enjoys the climbing on Towerkop to chip in on a new set of nuts for Jan(nuts used for protection :lol: ).Omega Pacific sells some nice ones for relatively cheap.Please guys,chip in,this guy really goes out of his way to make Towerkop safe and special for everybody.
Pm if you want to give a few bucks.


Jan Viljoen
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Re: Towerkop rap station

Post by Jan Viljoen » Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:34 pm

Thanks George for your kind gesture, but really, placing a few nuts is a small drop in the bucket compared to the pleasure of rapping with peace of mind! No compensation needed, thanks!

Like George mentioned the Nefdt abseil station is now pretty bomber, I'd just like to add a maillon for one's ropes to be pulled down more easily as well as saving the cords somewhat.

The station on the Eastern pinnacle (above the D-route) we backed up with another chockstone and cord, separate from the main bundle of cords. This station has safely been used for decades now, but the rock on top of the chockstones has a hollow sound to it which I'm not too happy with. We ran out of time a bit but I'd like to scan around more in future for an alternative setup there.

Keep well!

PS: Forgot to add, if you're the original owner of these nuts and old steel carabiner, I brought it down with me, please PM me if you'd like them back - it's a nice souvenir!

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