visiting Cape Town in Nov.

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visiting Cape Town in Nov.

Post by markis » Thu Oct 13, 2005 12:55 am

hi i'm going to be in CT nov 4 to dec 5 and i'm hoping to hookup with some climbing partners... i'll be busy weekdays with a healthcare practicum but i'll have weekends off. i'm dreamin about being in shape for the trip and hoping to get on (/falloff :oops: ) routes up to 25. Im also hoping to get away with not bringing much gear?!?! I can bring a rope if someone'll take it from me so i dont have to carry it home. I could bring a few cams too, if someone'll trade em for some bottles of proud ZA wine. also i climb in squamish/skaha so i can (&will) slag fantini and barley with tha best of yas! :lol:
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