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Post by Justin » Tue May 05, 2009 10:00 am

Hoping someone can shed some light on my problem.
My problem is that my arms are permanently pumped, its like the lactic acid does not leave my arms!

I climbed my hardest ever route last November and afterwards my arm pump would not go away (both arms), I then took a 2 month break from climbing (the pumped feeling went away after two weeks of no climbing).

I've recently started climbing again and the pump has returned (and not left).
The last time I climbed was Sunday morning and my arms are still feeling quite solid!

Is this natural ??
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Re: Pumped!!

Post by JonoJ » Tue May 05, 2009 10:09 am

Lay off the spinach Popeye!


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Re: Pumped!!

Post by XMod » Tue May 05, 2009 11:02 am

Hi Justin, this sounds exactly like what I was going through which is why I sent u the massage articles. My advice is to see a good physio who can work the tension out. After seeing Lizzanne once it felt like my arms were relaxed and I had feeling in my fingers for the first time in ages - relief! Not attending to this is inviting debilitating long lasting tendon problems.

It might be compartment syndrom?? (see a doctor) also the problems may actually stem from stiffness in the spinal region and shoulders that causes (my problem, coupled with low blood pressure) poor circulation lower down the limb. Lots and lots of stretching for you! and some running to increase blood flow/pressure. Do the pressure massage (press and hold for 6-8 secs working down the muscle (you'll feel the relaxation), warm up first, be careful that you are actually pressing on the muscle and not on a nerve as you may damage it) to relieve the initial hardness in the forearms, you need to be religious about the stretching and massage but it definitely works in the long run. Good luck, be vigilant!

Start taking Calcium after dinner before you sleep. Osteo Matrix is a good one (dont bother with cheap inorganic calcium it is not absorbed properly by the body). I challenge you to stay awake long after taking this stuff, it really relaxes you.
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Re: Pumped!!

Post by Lowry » Tue May 05, 2009 11:36 am

I had a problem last year where my right forearm got extremely pumped. After 3 different physios massaged, needled etc, the problem did not go away. Eventually one said that the injuries were linked to weak (read injured) shoulder and back muscles. As all muscles, tendons and nerves are linked a problem in one area may "refer" pain or in my case a pump into a different area. In my case a dodgy right shoulder led to extreme pump in my right forearm.

Chatting at the crag the other day with some 30 years+ climbers, who now get injured, it was felt that most physios are useless and massage an area, but do not get to the cause of the problem. Obviously they have their uses, but it may be more effective to speak to a biokineticist to ascertain which areas are weak (injured) and to develop and strengthen them properly.

I started going to the gym regulalrly and doing all the normal weight training exercises with low weights and high repititions. I also put a pack of frozen peas/corn on my shoulder every now and then, which really helps. I now have way better feeling in my shoulder (although not 100% perfect) and have completely lost that extreme pump in my right forearm.

My other advise is to actually get an injury looked at and rectified because strangely they don't just disappear. Rest, stretching, ice and rehabilitation or strength exercises are where it is at. Good luck, hope you beat the pump.

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Re: Pumped!!

Post by XMod » Tue May 05, 2009 12:19 pm

Agreed Lowry most physios are not clued up about the complexities of the situation which is why I say a good physio. (read sports physio with knowledge of climbing injuries). Lizanne is a climber and she was brilliant. Straight away she identified imbalances in the shoulder area that were initiating the symptoms and gave me appropriate exercises to do.

Justin you have just reached the age where you need to do a whole bunch of other cross training to prepare your body for the strain. Look for books on core strength training which give details of exercises to stabilize the shoulders. I read one recently and learnt a ton of new weight exercises that really work. Consider joining a good yoga class (research your would be teacher thoroughly!).

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Re: Pumped!!

Post by stuboy » Thu May 07, 2009 9:36 am

Hi Justin.
Lowry knows what he's talking about. Try Body Stress Release as well, it looks at the whole body as a system and maybe Bio Energetic Therapy, allergies and chemical imbalances also show up with physical symptoms. Another thing I have noticed in your training and climbing is that you take a break for a week or two or five and then jump on the boulder wall or hard route and crank like there is no tomorrow. This gives you what is known as a flash pump and muscles do not like this, no sooner do the muscles feel like pulling again they are flash pumped again and start to go into protection mode, you would too. I couldn't climb for over two years because I was pumped all the time until after very many tests and recommendations I found I had quick silver poisoning from the fillings in my teeth. The body is very robust if in balance, it will fall like a house of cards if not. Good luck, sad to see such a talent side lined.

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