Guide book and climbing info Spitzkoppe Namibia

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Guide book and climbing info Spitzkoppe Namibia

Post by Leo_wurstbauer » Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:05 am

Hello everyone!

I'm a austrian (europe) climber and want to travel an climb in Namibia in September. Unfortunately I couldn't find any detailed Information about the climbing routes. I only know the following guide book:

Titel: Spitzkoppe & Pontoks
Description: A guide to rock climbing at Spitzkoppe and Pontoks in Namibia.
ISBN: 0-620-27337-2
Printed By: Blue Mountains Publishers
Autors: Eckhardt Haber
Amount of Pages: 99
Last print: 2001

So far I couldn't find any retailer to order the book. I also contacted Namibias tourist office but they told me that Windhoek's bookshops sold out this guide book.

does anyone know where to order the book? If no can you help me with some information? Could you scan certain pages of the book and e-mail them to me?

Also detailed information of other areas would be very welcome

Many thanks in advance

Leo Wurstbauer

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Re: Guide book and climbing info Spitzkoppe Namibia

Post by RockFlower » Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:32 am

Hi Leo,

Try mountain mail order for the guide book It is the only route guide available. It is a bit dated so a number of routes are not in it. At the reception of Spitzkoppe camp you can ask them for the climbers book. It is a file where new route info is inserted. You will not be able to take the papers out but could take pics or copy them.

Hope you have fun there, it's an amazing place.

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