New climbers in Port Elizabeth

If you are a beginner climber and want to ask other climbers any questions - then this is the place to ask.
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New climbers in Port Elizabeth

Post by Rickfabio » Sun Jun 08, 2008 2:16 pm

Hi there peeps...
Great forum and a wealth of knowledge here.
I've been searching the forums to death but haven't had much luck.
Basically my missus and i have moved down to P.E from jhb 2 months ago and we would like to get back into some climbing.
we're relative noob beginners and have only been climbing for about 6 months, mostly at Northcliff and various gyms in jhb.
Now this is where i know i'll get some nasty comments, but we're looking for some anchored top rope climbs. My missus isn't to confident with any other types of climbing and i don't think we have the experience for sport climbing yet.
I'm climbing 22's (top rope) and 20 lead in the berg once, she's at 16 on top rope.
I realise most don't consider top roping climbing, but i'd like to get into sport climbing at some stage, my main goal is to make my woman keep enjoying it, and she has no aspirations of sport climbing, she loves top rope climbs.
So therein lies my dilemma....are there any anchored top rope climbs in the port elizabeth area and surrounds, and if so, where?
I'd appreciate any help in this as we're getting itchy to climb with not so much as even a gym out here to practice in.
Many thanks

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Post by Marshall » Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:04 pm

Well, its good news that there are a few more climbers in PE. There are a bunch of routes with in 30 km of PE, around 300+ at a quick guess. Not that many have top anchors though.

Places to go: Slipper, van Stadens, Masakane(in Sunnyridge). Pinnacle Gorge is further. Best is to join meet up with the locals.

Give me a shout marshall(at)

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