Name of New Route at Silvermine Lower Crag

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Alex B-S
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Name of New Route at Silvermine Lower Crag

Post by Alex B-S » Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:06 pm

Just come back from climbing at Silvermine Lower Crag and noticed a new route immeadiatialy on the left of \"Chicks Dig it Lank 13\". Anybody know the name and grade?

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Post by Marshall » Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:56 pm

Mantra ** 13 or 14(watch out this could be a Natalian grade) [11B; C]
Opening Party: Gavin Peckham and Brian Lambourne (30 March 2008)

LOCATION: Lower Silvermine – Main Crag (Left Side)

RD:Start on the block below \"Chicks Dig It Lank\". Step
off the left-hand end of the block and pull up onto the slab. Head up
diagonally left to reach a ledge at the top of the slab. From the
left-hand edge of the ledge, traverse 2 m to the left, using a
less-than-obvious foot rail, to reach a deep right-tending crack line.
Climb straight up the face to a ledge / cave. From a block in the cave,
step up and out to the right to gain the short headwall which is climbed
to the chains.

hope this helps[/url]

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