Beaufort-Wes/Lemoenfontein Guest House

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Beaufort-Wes/Lemoenfontein Guest House

Post by nosmo » Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:58 am

Just north of Beaufort-Wes is a little bit of rock, about 10kms west of the highway. Anyone know anything about this? Who owns this, rock quality? Anyone ever stop to check it out?

Google earth co-ords:(Pointy bit) 32° 11.872'S 22° 38.778'E

And in the valley just below, a boulder field with 50+ kitchen-sized boulders:
32° 13.310'S 22° 38.916'E

Bit of a walk in, but the rock looks like Cedeberg orangy sandstone.
Anyone, any info? ... wesbc9.jpg

[img= ...][/img][/img]

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