Wire brushing at Secret Garden

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Wire brushing at Secret Garden

Post by StuartH » Mon Jul 18, 2005 9:55 am

I was at secret garden yesterday and was disturbed to see that some holds had been wire brushed. What are the feelings on this practise? Is it acceptable?



Post by Scotsman » Mon Jul 18, 2005 2:46 pm

Hey StuartH, No surprise unfortunately as the guys up there also were marking IP on boudering problems by scoring into the rock!!!???? Ethics not strong point aroung there.

PS. The practice is not acceptable and ws probably the result of plastic pulling varieties who only recently decided to direct their efforts to rock. A shame really as the friction at the Secret Garden is akin to Gritstone and possibly the best venue in Gauteng and surrounding areas.


Post by Bedlizard » Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:17 pm

What is the exact feelings about wire brushers. Are brass bristles okey, as they are softer? Is hard plastic bristles okey. Or is it just up to the descretion of the user?



Post by Jay » Tue Jul 19, 2005 1:32 pm

I'm a bit confused-was there any visible impact from the wire brushing on the grips? I'm not against using a toothbrush to clean off some chalk.

Hey Scotsman, just wondering if it could be the same people who went to Chosspile and decided to do favours for people who can't work out a basic R.D.?-Chalk and scratch marks at the base of the routes.


Post by StuartH » Tue Jul 19, 2005 4:54 pm

The wire brushing caused a visible and physical change to the rock. It scratches the rock leaving marks. A toothbrush at worst can dust and polish the rock. The wirebrush actually removes small amounts of rock making holds bigger, easier to hold, etc.


Post by steveb » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:23 am

where can I get one of these wirebrushes?


Post by Mr.Erosion » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:58 am

yo, midas has sets of great stainless steel brushes. if you've got crap on a hold, then it aint gonna be there for long afterwards


Post by StuartH » Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:10 pm

While you there you can pick up a Hammer and set of Chisels. Or you can just buy a drill and add pockets where it is to hard.
If can't climb 8a? Find one brush, chisel and drill it till you can. Much simpler than training.

Post by » Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:00 pm

I have a bulge in my pants that brushes the rock down every climb I do. Is this ok to have, or should I have it removed?

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Post by Justin » Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:16 pm

If its not being used for anything else, you might as well remove it :D :P
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Post by slackliner » Thu Aug 04, 2005 7:18 pm

What do you expect from inbreeders, brits is full of them, and so it seems some of the people in this foum are to.

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