Buying a dry rope

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Buying a dry rope

Post by novocaine » Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:30 am

Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to climbing, 1.5 months i guess. My friend and I need to buy a rope. I know that City Rock sells the blue water rope, what I need to know is, is there a huge difference in quality between the Mammut ropes and the blue water ropes in the same price range? We have a choice between a 60m Mammut (not sure what the name is) for R1200 and a 60m blue water priced at about R1500.

All input appreciated, thanks.

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Post by Stu » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:02 am

Check out Edelrid, they make really high quality ropes!!

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Post by Skapie » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:09 am

Most ropes are good anyway and will keep you from decking

But you must decide what you want to do with it ?
Thicker ropes last longer, but handling sucks.
The same goes for harder and softer ropes. The softer handles better, but doesn't last that long.

You don't need \"dry\" treatments.

For your first rope, with sportclimbing in mind, buy any 10.2 / 10.5 mm rope. Both brands that you mention are good. Mammut is more established though and I only have good things to say about them.

Don't buy anything \"fancy or special\" You don't need it
Ropes don't break, so don't worry :)
Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Happy climbing

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Post by novocaine » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:18 am

Thanks guys... Just need a rope for low grade sport climbs right now...

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Post by OneDogClimbing » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:20 am

As Stu said, Edelrid is great, I had one before and really liked it. I currently have a Bluewater, ( the other brand I was looking for was out). No regrets with the Bluewater, it's a good rope. I'd like to try / buy a Mamut someday (also only heard good things) so for that price difference I'd definitely go for the Mamut.
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Post by The Lentil » Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:25 am

Look, the Bluewater ropes and Mammut ropes are pretty good. I think the Mammut ropes are older while the Bluewater ropes are brand new ropes. If you buy a Dry rope, the rope will last you longer than a standard rope. The Bluewater Eliminator 10.2 STD retails for R1450 and the Bluewater Eliminator 10.2 Dry Red retails for R1650, while stocks last. Go to

The Lentil

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Post by brolloks » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:45 pm

for the prices nowadays(read cheap), go for the edelrid or the mammut! both have been around since forever, but can also add that the bw is ok. if i remember correctly, the bw was sold for much more than they are going for now. wonder what happened...
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Post by robertbreyer » Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:01 pm

1) all manufacturers make standard and dry-treated ropes.
Dry-treated ropes absorb less moisture and dirt and last longer.

2) I went to visit the Bluewater factory last month and negotiated a special deal with them for SA. So we got a better cost and are passing it on. In addition, the exchange rate has been really favourable - the Rand has been doing very well, which makes imports cheaper. That's why the prices of Bluewater Ropes have come down. So you should actually wonder why the other manufacturers are still charging the same prices.

I won't go into the debate of BlueWater vs. Mammut vs. Edelrid vs. Beal vs. Roca vs. Tendon vs. Lanex vs. Edeweiss vs. Petzl vs. PMI vs.Sterling ropes. Go to a good dealer (CityROCK or MMO if you live in Cape Town) and let them advise you which one to climb with. Just remember that your life is on the line and that a rope is a serious long-term investment.
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Post by Rastaman » Thu Nov 15, 2007 6:18 pm

Mammut is the best 8)

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Post by novocaine » Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:30 pm

I ended up buying a Roca KIO from mmo. It's a 10.2 x 60m with a dry treated seath.

I was advised that it was a better rope than the Mammut Tusk, which was the other option.

Going to take it on it's maiden climb in Montagu on Saturday. Cannot wait.

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