Is becoming a Tabloid?

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Is becoming a Tabloid?

Post by robertbreyer » Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:49 am

7 out of the 10 recent headline news stories deal with crime on Signal Hill and Lions Head (don't we climb on the Ledge and use India Venster to get there?). 2 news stories are about 'rescues', if you can call it a rescue when a tourist gets lost hiking up Platteklip and decides to call 911. The DAILY SUN newspaper is now SA's biggest-selling newspaper. So we obviously read this type of stuff. The question is: has become our local equivalent of a tabloid?

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Post by brolloks » Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:46 pm


can't wait for the cheezy britneyspears snapshots to appear...

Sorry, bad joke :oops:
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Post by MargheritaIntrona » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:37 pm

Although climbing on The Ledge is awesome and access via India Venster is a stunning hike, not all climbing in Cape Town gets done there…

As a climber I have a great love for the mountains and for spending time on them, i.e. hiking, taking photographs, etc. I mean, who does not enjoy a hike up Lion’s Head for sundowners in summer?

As someone who visits the mountain areas almost every weekend, I like to be aware of conditions and any possible dangers. I look to to keep me updated…

I have always found the information and posts on to be valuable and most updated of all the other resources. Thanks guys!

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Post by Brussel » Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:57 pm


As far as I know two lots of people mugged on Lions head where climbers (whether they had been climbing I am unsure) and I frequently climb at Lions head-it is an awesome spot, the report is relevant to me and many others.

Secondly the woman who was mugged and stripped of her clothing on TM some weeks back is the wife of a well known and respected MCSA member and climber.

This affects us and has nothing to do with this website being a tabloid. It has to do with news relevant to all of us who use the mountain ot help us be safe. If you don't like facing reality - don't visit the site

Happy and safe climbing

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Post by stan » Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:52 am

Robert, I have to admit I find your post somewhat weird!? What sort of news will meet your approval? Maybe we should dedicate the site to reporting on indoor climbing in south africa or maybe do regular post on who's been seen at the local cape town climbing gym, I'm sure you will enjoy that.

Almost everyone who comes to this site has a love for the outdoors and spend a fair amount of time on the mountain. Attacks on our playground is a serious issue and certainly is relevant to all of us! Surely the fact the at least 3 prominent members of the cape town climbing community are among the people attacked is worth mentioning. They were also not climbing when the attacks happened, but were hiking like many other climbers who enjoy all the mountain has to offer. Being a climber is about more than hanging out on the ledge and said climbing gym, I've even been known to go up via Platteklip or ledges and hang out around Maclear Beacon on occasion. 15 people got attacked on the mountain in a single weekend, in Cape Town that is relevant news and not gossip. Maybe you should just get your news from the more mainstream newspapers, The Sun is not the only newspaper available to you.

The news is appropriate for almost everyone who plans to go and climb on real rock while in cape town, or maybe just go for a hike with friends.

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Post by robertbreyer » Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:11 am

i am glad that my post is causing some debate, that was the objective. maybe it's an issue of scarcity of news for which we are all to blame. maybe it's an issue of all of us wanting to read the latest 'stuff' on TM - because we are all still so shocked that it could happen to our own precious TM, how dare they. but crime is a huge problem in SA and we might as well face reality and reading and writing about it every day isnt going to make it go away - and IMHO making it safe is actually Mission Impossible. i think the only reason that there is so much IOL press about it is because of the high constituency of tourists involved, if it was all locals nobody in the media world would give a shit. PS: i have had everything taken from me at gunpoint while climbing at Boven, yet my friends wonder why i continue to go back there. the answer is despite it all and of course because the climbing is so good. PPS: heard that Mathew Bush climbed a grade 32 route at Outshoorn a few days ago. is that not more newsworthy?

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