AdK slide show & book-signing @ CityROCK Friday, 24 Augu

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AdK slide show & book-signing @ CityROCK Friday, 24 Augu

Post by robertbreyer » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:20 pm

The unofficial bit:
It’s landed! Andy de Klerk’s new book has finally arrived in Cape Town. After 37 phone calls (I kid you not, I actually started counting them after #10!!) we have the very first 100 copies of AdK’s new book right here at CityROCK in Cape Town. They will go on sale Friday evening, after being autographed by the man himself. Not even Andy has received his copies yet. So get yours before he does!

The semi-official bit:
Andy will do a repeat of his MCSA slide show and book signing at CityROCK this Friday. That’s because he is good friends with Charles, a.k.a. Snort, one of the owners of CityROCK. That’s before they both dash off to Tony Dicks’ 60th birthday party at Panama Jacks. (60 guests got invited, I didn’t get the nod, no worries Tony, I won’t invite you to mine either).

The very official bit:
Slide show and book signing. This Friday, August 24 @ 7 pm at CityROCK in Obz.

Stories beyond high and wild places

A soulful new twist on climbing literature, the stories in Sharper Edges span two decades of climbing adventures, BASE jumping and family life. With frankness, sensitivity, philosophy and deadpan humour, Andy de Klerk takes you on the end of a rope into his world of extreme danger, friendship, heartache and loss. From the snowy peaks of the world’s toughest mountains, to leaping off cliffs, to the birth of his children, this feisty world legend ventures where no climbing writer has gone before to reflect on love, family and change. Written with an energy, warmth and intimacy that reflects his passion for the wilderness, adrenaline and the people he loves. This book offers a profound insight into life on the edge in places most of us will never venture.

Andy de Klerk is a world-renowned rock climber, alpinist, skydiver and BASE jumper. At the age of 21 he turned down a Rhodes Scholarship to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University to go climbing instead. He has no regrets. He lives in Scarborough, on a southern tip of South Africa, with his wife, two children and three dogs. He is glad to be alive.

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Post by autocratic-scum » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:14 pm

hmmm... that's weird cos I have personally seen 2 copies of the book already. My disgmate bought one at Exclusive Books a week ago and my editor has a copy on his desk. Bizarre that AdK wouldn't have even gotten his copies yet if it's already on sale!

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Exclusives has it.....

Post by Spider Rider » Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:11 am


Some money traded hands there I tell you. Nobody was meant to have it before the Rock or ADK got it. So how Exclusives did it before ADK got his own copies I'll never know.

Viva SA Capitalism.
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