Any one for a climb?

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Any one for a climb?

Post by physio » Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:53 pm

Arriving Johannesburg 10/8/07 from UK, will have that weekend free. Am renting car thus can travel, was hoping to go towards the KWA-Zulu Natal area to visit as my mum worked in the outback as a nurse in the 50's. I trad climb here in peaks upto HVS.
:idea: :wink: I will bring shoes/harness/belay.

I am also bringing some camping gear so may camp (I am travelling upto Zambia later in the week to work as a volunteer in a hospital) check out our project

Any one with the weekend spare and would like to climb let me know.
:idea: Also will recipricate if any one wants to come to Peak district and will provide accomodation and a climbing partner.

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