Nylon strap removed from Lower Silvermine

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Nylon strap removed from Lower Silvermine

Post by Drifter » Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:17 am

I noticed that someone has removed the nylon strap at a top of a grade 15 climb at Lower Silvermine where people climbed out. I saw who put it up and don't know if it was another climber who removed it. Maybe who ever removed it did it because they didn't want people to abseil off it when there are bolts to abseil off. However a new danger have been created I believe, people still climb out that grade 15 and now they might belay some one up without beeing anchored anywhere if they don't have their own nylon strap. If the first climber anchors to the bolts on the grade 15 and belays up the second climber,the second climber still has to climb over the edge and find a place to secure themselve to belay the first climber onto the ledge so if that grade 15 is going to be used to climb out it actually needs a nylon strap, so I would suggest you take your own nylon strap with you if you prefer to rather climb out the grade 15 instead of the grade 13 to the left of it. I have been told you need to always be anchored somewhere when belaying someone up.

What are your opinions?

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Post by Marshall » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:27 am

See what happens when too many sport crags are bolted.

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