COCK and Bull meet, 16th Nov at the ledgel

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COCK and Bull meet, 16th Nov at the ledgel

Post by SNORT » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:03 pm

Rumour has it that several sets of pecs, biceps, lats and abs are migrating down from Stellenbosch and are going to furtively inveigle their way up to the Ledge on TM. TATWOC members are urgently called up to rise to the occasion and join the COCK and Bull club (Competitive Old Climbers Club). So hike up your sagging skin, your aching joints and tired muscles.

Can someone bring up and OLD RAGING BULL award please? Perhaps a dram of single malt?

Lets show these muscle boys how it’s done.

And lets see if the average at the Ledge gets under 35….

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Re: COCK and Bull meet tomorrow, Sunday 16th at the ledge

Post by Justin » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:29 am

Report by Charles Edelstein:

The inaugural COCK and Bull convention, one fine Sunday at the Ledge, 16 November 2008:

So there we were, all us old codgers ready to take on the muscle men. Only one set of pecs, biceps, lats and abs arrived sweaty and pumped at the Tea Spot. The rest simply scarpered.

Anyway Willem and Douw sent Arms Race and then Willem was seen to be testing his gear placements on Out to Lunch. Something about it being wet. Was it sweaty palms or water?????

Rick De Decker was babysitting a 30 year old up Atlantic and Cable Way Crags.

There were brief sightings of none other than Andy Davies and Vanessa Lane on Magnetic,

Dirk and Tessa obviously took the cable car up and decided to have fun abseiling but claimed to have climbed The Dream but nobody saw them.

Margaret sighted Dave Davies secretively hanging out with the Thars and avoiding us other old goats.

Hugo Vaughan and Roger lumbered up Gullet but I hear the rescue squad had to rescue their rope that got stuck on an abseil. Oh Oh!!!!!

Robert tested all my gear placements on TATWOC 23. (Snort sent the route and the fixed nut is still in situ as he clipped it on the way past). They also added a third pitch to TATWOC 21 that goes straight to the Touch and Go Stance. It includes the T & G crux but instead of moving right on the face to the usual exit it goes straight up. Snort then flailed and failed trying to do a final pitch.

Tini tested Tony’s patience yet again by trying hard routes, thinking they should be easy. They climbed Dog Bite 21 S2 confirming the seriousness of the start. Tini complained to me today that Tony lectured him about being competitive as it wasn’t very sporting right now as I had an unfair advantage having just been to Yos for a while. Well that’s a bit moot considering he started the COCK (Competitive Old Climbers Klub) in the first place.

Even Ed and Nicky came marching past making sure we were all behaving badly.

Did I miss anybody?

Oh yes. Deon Van Zyl, his excuse being that was on the dating circuit till 2am, kept his archaic Whillans harness and Mythos boots hidden in his day pack and decided to walk round with Margaret and pick her brains as to what women want.

The trophies this time were awarded to Willem as the up and coming Wanna-be and Snort, got the Has been Hero trophy. Tini made a nice cape for the trophy.

So the next convention of the COCK and Bull will be at Montagu this weekend. Fraid I can’t be there. Am outa house points…..And in any case, I don’t want to subject my mates to unfair competition – something they have been doing to me for 12 years…
Some of the CROCK and Bull club. Amazing how easy one slips from COCK to CROCK.
(the guy on the right just wouldn't come into focus!)
Some-of-the-COCK-and-Bullsh.jpg (100.08 KiB) Viewed 867 times
Willem on 2nd pitch of Tweedle Dee
Willem-on-2nd-Pitch-of-Twee.jpg (33.58 KiB) Viewed 868 times
Snort on the T & G crux. Tatwoc goes straight up from there. Horizon suggest Robert can’t belay and take pics all the same time.
Snort-using--the-T-&-G-crux.jpg (37 KiB) Viewed 870 times
Captain Rooibos!!
Hero-trophy.jpg (10.45 KiB) Viewed 869 times
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