Ride to Montagu Rock Rally

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Real Name: Georgi

Ride to Montagu Rock Rally

Post by Filipoka » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:41 pm

Hi guys,

I would like to go tomorrow to Montagu Rock Rally tomorrow and be there late in the evening. I am staying in Cape Town, so I will travel to there after work around 5:30pm and I am coming back on Sunday. I am looking for someone who wants to travel with me one way or two. I have an old beatle, so it is going to be a slow journey. Also let me know if someone else is traveling as well and has space in his car, I would be more than happy to share cost and travel together.

My name is Georgi, just write here or give me a call 0790911609 if somebody is interested.


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Re: Ride to Montagu Rock Rally

Post by Tradman » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:48 am

Hi Georgi

I'm not gonna be in town in time for the Rock Rally - but I'd love to get out to the sandstone next weekend, head out Friday afternoon, come back Monday night / Tuesday morning.

I'm visiting SA for the first time. I'm a British trad climber at heart, but lived 8 years in France with all it's shiny bolts (and loved the air time!!). Now been 2 years in Guadeloupe where surf has become the surrogate crag. Hoping for any form of rock climbing for a long weekend next week.

Drop us a line if you're up for it d_pleydell AT yahoo.com


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