searching climbing partners between 27 to 31 of january

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searching climbing partners between 27 to 31 of january

Post by kieni » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:26 pm

hi everybody
i m markus from austria and staying in capetown until the 31 of january when my flight home goes- im searching for climbers that want to climb with me during these days- i have no car but if you can pick me up somewhere in cape town its perfect
i have belay; about 10 quickdraws; a 60 m rope, 2 harnesses and shoes with me
i m an experienced climber but not so much in practice
my sport climbing level is now about grade 22, and for taking the lead about 20, but for following i love trying almost every difficult :)- but it can also be very easy climbs
i also do clean climbing
so you see i m very flexible :) i would just enjoy having a few climbs before i leave thats it
you can contact me also on my cellphone 0797275460- if you dont get me just leave a sms


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Re: searching climbing partners between 27 to 31 of january

Post by wasatchgirl » Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:17 pm

Haha... I think I reply on every post like this. :) I simply know what it is like to be new in town (or traveling) and just wanting to climb. Many people have helped me out... so I would be happy to try and help you out.

I am home in the States right now but will be in Cape Town full time again as of this coming Sunday. Looks like I might miss you if you leave on the 31st of Jan, but if you drop me your email I will put you in touch with some friends of mine. I usually boulder so my crew is mainly boulderers, but I know some rope friends who might take you out. Touch base if you want an intro.

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Re: searching climbing partners between 27 to 31 of january

Post by Phi » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:05 pm

Hey, Markus. If you don't find something more suitable in time, I'm eager to climb. The only problems are that I'm far less skilled and don't have a car, either. I do have a motorcycle, however, and can take you on that, but my helmets were stolen so you'd have to borrrow one from someone. Or we could even walk to Higgovale Quarry right in Cape Town.

Wasatchgirl, thanks, for your efforts on behalf of all us travelling Climb ZA n00bs. ;) It is very helpful to have people like you. BradCT was a huge help to me when I first got here, he's just been very busy lately so can't take all the recent arrivals under his wing. ;D

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