Western Cape (or beyond?) 22 - 28 Feb

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Western Cape (or beyond?) 22 - 28 Feb

Post by jekramak » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:43 pm

Will be in Cape Town with my lady to take care of some business and do a bit of cragging 14-21 Feb. Will be left to my own devices for the following week and am looking to get on as many of the longer lines the Western Cape has to offer as possible. Would also be open to climbing elsewhere giving an interesting itinerary. Have a few years of alpine climbing & guiding in Washington State and a couple of trips to Yosemite under my belt. My systems are solid. Happy to climb bolted lines but prefer trad or aid routes(prefer single push epics to fixing and hauling and jugging) . I'm in suspect climbing shape in the moment - been stuck in Bulawayo for the last few months and have done minimal climbing since leaving the Cascades in September. I'd expect to comfortably and efficiently lead to 20/C2+ and follow to 23. I'll have a medium sized trad rack and rope with me and will bring my aid gear if necessary. Will have no car but am happy to take care of my share of the petrol. Limited in funds and time so looking to make this more of a climbing trip than a drinking trip.

Best to contact me by replying here.


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